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April 23, 2014

Hey LookUpPage Fans!

If you want to increase your company’s social presence but don’t know where to start - GOOD! Before you even begin tinkering with social media, it’s important that you form an action plan.

With so many different social sites around today, it’s not always possible to find the time or resources to invest effectively in every single one. Without a knowledge base for action, you could end up beefing up your Pinterest page for people who prefer to connect on Twitter or forgetting to update your Pinterest page when you’re targeting photographers.

Forming an action plan for building your company’s social presence allows you to highlight and target exactly what your audience wants so you’re not wasting time on what they don’t. We’re here to help you get started - here are five steps to social media success!


1. Identify and understand your audience so you can create content they want.

Figure out what social media sites they use most, and don’t forget about niche audiences outside of your target base. By studying your audience’s interests and activity, you can better cater to them specifically, so they gobble up the content you create rather than simply clicking past to something that piques their interest more.


2. Focus on the long-term when creating content.

Increasing followers may help your social media presence in the short term, but ultimately, creating content your users consistently respond to and engage with builds long-term brand credibility.

Since you have targeting what your audience wants to engage with, make sure you not only create relevant content but also form a plan for establishing long-term engagement.

Combining online content with promotions or adding incentives is a good short-term way to boost engagement, but in addition, focus on regularly interacting with your consumers in a sincere way.


3. Sharing is caring.

Sharing boosts your SEO, but most importantly, consumers pay attention to what others are liking and sharing. Make sure your content is easy to find, e-mail, bookmark, and share across different social media channels. Keep up with what users are sharing and respond to their input.

You can even use meta-social strategies by re-posting shared content on a company blog and publicly thanking and/or offering an incentive to the consumers who shared it the most.

4. Use your competition to your advantage.

Look at what is working - and not working - for other brands. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your competition as allies. Offer guest blogs, share others’ content, and interact with other companies on social media to build your company’s credibility in their audience’s minds.

In today’s interconnected world, don’t be shy. The social butterfly always looks better than a wallflower.

5. Don’t just push out content.

Remember, today’s online experience is not just about Facebook and Twitter, it’s a total social ecosystem. Make yourself an authority on relevant topics by guest blogging and staying active on forums. And most importantly, never forget that when it comes to engagement, customer service creates long-term brand trust.

Check review sites that your company is advertised on and respond to users’ compliments and critique. Always answer forum questions promptly, and don’t just post on social media waiting for likes. If someone comments, respond!

Once you’ve established your company’s social presence, don’t just sit back passively and wait. It’s important to know what are your customers clicking on, liking, tweeting, and sharing – as well as what they aren’t. Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your communications by looking at consumer participation, search term shifts, and SEO statistics.


Written by the marketing team at Ranky.

January 03, 2013

Email Marketing - LookUpPage

How you manage your email marketing will have an impact on how well you are perceived as a brand. Email marketing is not 'old hat' or 'old fashioned'; it should be tried and tested by every business as an effective way of reaching out to people on a constant basis.

Email Marketing Builds Online Brand Presence

It is possible to build up your email marketing contact list by offering something free of charge to visitors of your website. For example, you can supply a free e-book to web visitors with valuable information. To be able to utilize this e-book, the web visitors will be required to submit their email address and as a result, you can send out emails to a broad group of people, which enhances the chances of a sale. Never forget why a business has a website and engages in online marketing: SALES. The more people you have on your contact list, the better the result will be, but it is vital that you include the appropriate content into your email marketing if you are to be successful.

Email Marketing in 2013 - Solutions To A Problem

If you include a solution to a problem in your email marketing plan, you can be sure that you will attract lots of people. Most people who use the Internet do so because they want their questions answered, so if you can provide this to someone in an easy-to-access manner, you can guarantee that you will make a good number of sales or gain a good number of subscribers, depending on what your goal is. Industry-wide problems and issues should be targeted so that the group of people you speak to will relate to what you are saying.

Two Top Tips For Terrific Emails

#1 Sensational Subject

The subject line on an email will drastically impact how many people actually open your emai and read it.If your subject line lacks enthusiasm or anything remotely interesting, you cannot expect people to want to buy or subscribe to your newsletter/website/social media group. Therefore, you should focus most on this. Once someone opens an email, you have gained a captive audience, so ask yourself, ‘What would I want to see on an email?’ When you understand what catches your eye, you can implement this into your email marketing plan.

#2 The Numbers Game

When an email is easy to read and can be scanned within a few seconds with a call to action at the bottom, people will be far more likely to click through and recommend to others. Numbers and organized lists are a very useful way of gaining attention with email marketing and if you use phrases like, ‘Three ways to…’ ‘Five ways to avoid…’ ‘Get …. In Four Days’, you can attract attention for your products and services.

Email marketing is a fantastic way of reaching a existing and potential clients and placing your products and services in front of them. It is also a phenomenal way of enhancing your online reputation and brand in the eyes of the public.



December 04, 2012


7158921905_0414d34929Considering that many employers utilize the internet for a good portion of their recruitment, it may be time to boost your online visibility using digital assets rather than a traditional resume. You need to make sure that all of your online profiles present you in a way that is professional and employable. If you're looking for a new job or a change in career, take a few minutes to have a look at your online profile and make sure it's professional and gives the best first impression for prospective employers.

What Do Prospective Employers Look For Online?

The very first thing you need to do is Google yourself. If you find positive information, images and profiles - that's great. If there is anything negative, you need to institute damage control immediately. If there is nothing about you online, it's just as bad an image to present to a prospective employer. You must ensure that you have, at the very least, a LinkedIn profile and many people have a professional Google Plus profile as well. You may also want to consider a Visual CV if you're looking for an online tool to present an all-inclusive online CV or resume.

Remember that it takes some time for your profile pages to show up in search, so give yourself plenty of time to boost your online visibility.

Facebook Privacy Settings 

One of the first places that employers 'check out' is Facebook. You absolutely have to ensure that your Facebook profile is professional and that a prospective employer will not find anything untoward on your page. This applies to photos and images that you have been tagged in by friends, so go through your social media pages carefully and set your privacy levels so that your online image is professional and friendly.

You may consider this an invasion of privacy and your freedom of speech. It may seem unfair to have to temper your 'voice' on social media, but statistics show that nearly 45%s of all employers use Facebook to pre-screen applicants and they make decisions about hiring based on your activity on social media.

It really pays to spend a little time polishing up your online profiles when preparing for job interviews; it could be as important as your CV or your interview.



November 26, 2012


Enhanced Brand Visibility

StumbleUpon has a unique social media strategy for all business owners who want better online visibility and to rank even higher in search. The strategy is simple: StumbleUpon is an online engine scouring through web content and finding the best for its social media readers. The great thing about this website is that it will locate appropriate web pages for every specific user and their interests. This feature makes for great marketing and with a strategy like this in place, business owners can rank considerably higher on the search engines and enjoy more online visibility.

How To Use StumbleUpon For Better Brand Presence

You can start making use of social media outlets like StumbleUpon by creating a profile and including all of the relevant information that would intrigue other users of the site. Once you do this, consider getting the coding for a StumbleUpon badge. These badges can be conveniently added to your website, so that visitors can link to and from your social media account and your business website. This will enhance the possibility of you getting ‘stumbled upon’ and when this happens more and more people will be able to view your work. As time progresses, this can lead to much higher rankings on the major search engines.

Include Stumbleupon In Your Marketing Strategy

As important as your strategy of getting a StumbleUpon account will be, your content creation will be of no use unless you get a targeted team of followers. If you invest a certain amount of time each day into building the number of followers on your social media account, it is more likely that each unique visitor you get will be a worthwhile one. Promote your StumbleUpon account through forums, blog posts and other social media outlets. Each stumble from a fellow user will be beneficial and previously, single clicks on a post have resulted in 7,000 views in one day and over time, 43,000+ views in total according to KISSmetrics.com.  These views will make a difference in the height of your ranking.

Investment With StumbleUpon ‘Paid Discovery’

Never overlook an investment because if you make no investment whatsoever into your online brand strategy, you can guarantee that other business owners who are investing will be getting better results. StumpleUpon has a ‘Paid Discovery’ option on their website, which allows you to make a minor investment relating to how noticeable your posts are. Before you spend money on this as part of your marketing and online brand enhancement to boost the page ranking for your business website, ensure the posts you submit are of good quality. ‘Paid Discovery’ ads will allow you to be seen by larger audiences. The more people that see you, the more chance you have at getting ‘stumbled’ and clicked upon. Think about how good that could be for the success of your business.

Your social media strategy does not have to focus solely on StumbleUpon, because undoubtedly there are plenty of other strong sites that receive millions of visitors each day. StumbleUpon, however, is good for picking your content out on the search engines and ranking it higher, which is ideally what you want to transpire into conversions. For this reason, you should post links and information through your other social networking accounts as a way of alerting other interested users to visit your StumbleUpon account. This could almost double the amount of ‘stumbles’ you get and dramatically enhance your online visibility.


November 01, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

Over 100 000 new domains and website are registered every day. That’s a lot of new competition on the World Wide Web, and getting just the right amount of enhanced online visibility is critical if you’re just starting out.

Enhanced Online Visibility For Small Businesses 

Smart businesses know that doing business on the internet can be a massive percentage of total business. The key to making money online is to have enhanced online visibility from the very start. Many businesses do not realize the massive potential of their products and services and often give up soon after they have started. Their website becomes a dusty shop window to the world and no one visits. It can be discouraging, but harnessing enhanced online visibility through good SEO is the key to small business success online.

What is SEO and how does it give me Enhanced Online Visibility?

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a technique that is used to ensure that your website and brand is seen by as many people as possible. Creating an online brand presence is one of the tools of the SEO expert and it can be done in a number of ways:

  • Pre-optimization. Start as you mean to go on. Websites that have pre-optimized content stand a far better chance of being ranked than websites that look good. Choose an SEO professional to write your content. They have a good understanding of what is needed and how to work your content so that it looks good for Search Engines and users.
  • Use Social Media. Right from the start you need to establish an online brand presence by utilizing the giants of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Having an active presence on social media sites can give you a massive amount of enhanced online visibility. You can drive traffic to your website in huge numbers if you use an SEO expert to handle your social media feeds.
  • Work your keywords. Make your keywords work for you. Being ranked on the first page of Google takes time and effort. You can’t do it by submitting your site to a few directories or going the way of trying to manipulate the search engine algorithms. Fact of the matter is: You Can’t! Rather start your online brand presence the right way, focus on keywords that bring traffic to your site. Ask an SEO professional to find you keywords that will send potential customers and clients to your site immediately.
  • Use the tools of the SEO gurus to maintain enhanced online visibility. Having a blog is just as important as having a website. Great content makes fantastic websites that really SELL.


Using reliable and trusted techniques with SEO you create a buzz around your new website, and your products. You can create valuable links, and raise your ranking and enjoy enhanced online visibility in just a few months

October 15, 2012

Can Blogs Build Online Brand Presence
Blogs can be a powerful marketing tool that can be leveraged for enhanced online brand presence if they are managed correctly. They can mean a lot of work and they are highly content driven and demand an investment of time and effort to keep them unique and effective. Business blogs need to be worked at all the time to be truly effective and keep people coming back for more.

Enhanced Brand Presence Through Excellent Content

A business blog sets you apart from your competition because they rate high on SEO scales as well as being an important facet of the social networking community. A good business blog can attract the attention of people who may not have even visited your website. They create awareness and can be used to drive traffic to your site and increase buying and spending levels. They can be used to develop a following on the internet and ensure better brand presence online. When you develop a truly effective blog you have tapped into your potential customer base and are getting your products and services into their space.

The key to having a successful business blog is to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis. If your readers come to expect that there will be a new post at a certain time or on a certain day, they will be logging on to get the news. Blogs also create a huge amount of search engine interest and this can increase your ranking. Blogs are one of the most vibrant and vital ways of creating traffic to your site and increasing sales.

Business Blogging Doesn’t Have To Be a Chore

Blogs are more personal than the content on a website. They fulfill the need in readers to get that personal opinion on different subjects, issues and products. A good business blog never uses the hard sell but rather seeks to inform and provide useful information for potential clients. If you provide excelent content, your online brand presence will be immediately enhanced and people will remember your brand name when they make a purchasing decision in the future. The most successful business blogs are a resource for their readers and get shared more often than blogs that continually push their products or services.



October 08, 2012

Enhanced Online Visibility

The best way to ensure an effective online brand presence is to have a well designed website.If you are thinking about having a website designed for your business or to enhance your personal reputation, you will need to look carefully as the web design pricing to make sure that your website is going to pay for itself. You need to look at your website as an extension of your business; a shop window to the world. If it is not effective then people will not enter your business to purchase your products and services.

Too many people think that if they have a website that looks good, it will help their business. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A good website is an effective website, and you need to look carefully at your market, and what you want your website to do before you start your web page design.

Template Designs

You can save money on your web design pricing when you work off a template design. Your website will be completely unique and wholly original even if you use a template to work from. A template gives your designer the chance to really get involved in the functionality of your web page design rather than spend your time and your money on writing the code for a design template. A web page design using a template is a starting point for both you and your website designer. It means that you’ll be able to focus on improving what your site does for you in business and how you can use your site as a vital tool to improve your online brand presence in your business model.

Content Management System

Having a CMS in place when you discuss web design pricing means that you will be able to save a huge amount of money on the maintenance and updating on your site. A CMS means that you have control over what goes onto your site and you can add, edit and change information as your business grows. Having to go back to your website designer every time you need some content on your site, will not only cost you in monetary terms but in time and efficiency. Having a CMS in place is vital if you are selling products through your website. You don’t want to have to worry about changing a price tag on an item or increasing your product offering when you are in charge of your content management.

Keeping your costs down and looking carefully at your web design pricing is a part of doing business. With a template original design and a CMS in place you will be able to run and manage and effective website that will become a vital part of your overall online brand presence.

September 25, 2012

Can Blogs Build Online Brand Presence

In a technological world of tweeting and status updates, social media networking has become the e-marketing buzzword, but what about the humble Blog? Can blogs be leveraged effectively to guarantee an increased online brand presence? Blogs,as a medium of communication that can have tremendous value to the small business owner and can be used as an effective marketing tool.

Effective Use of Blogs for Online Brand Presence

A blog is a web page on the internet that consists of short posts on different or specific subjects. The material is updated frequently and the information is more than likely to be presented in a chronological fashion. Since 1999, the weblog community has grown from a few thousand users to a worldwide community of over 100 million. Divided into two general categories, blog are either personal, much like a journal, or business related which is when they are a tool for corporate communications and to establish an online brand presence.

The Advantages of Having a Business Blog for Online Brand Presence

  • Business blogs can be used to connect with a much wider audience of potential customers. They are used to drive traffic towards a business website and are an excellent way for being able to share information with people on a global platform.
  • Business blog software is easy to use. It is a matter of a few simple clicks to be able to post the information that you have directly onto the blog web page. The three most popular blog software companies are Wordpress.com, Blogger.com and Typepad, all offering valuable software for the business blogger.
  • Blogging is cheap. In fact, it’s almost free. If you are a small business owner, you might not have the time to learn how to write the programs needed to keep a website up and running, and sometimes the cost of hiring a web designer and developer is out of reach. Blogging means that the business can have an important web presence for a few cents per day. It will get your business name out onto the World Wide Web and if you team it with some clever social media networking, you can have as much influence as any website.
  • Share your knowledge. Business blogs provide business owners with the opportunity to share their expert knowledge in their sphere of business. It is a way of adding value to the products and services that a business offers, and if you do have a web site and are able to set up cross-links then you will be increasing the traffic to the website, quickly and effectively.

A business blog can be one of the most powerful marketing and networking tools that your business can use. It will give you a valuable online brand presence and over time, the blog will develop a following of readers who will always be interested in the latest news and developments in the industry.

The best way to develop a loyal readership if to have regular updates. They do not have to be daily updates, but they should be posted at regular intervals so that people know when to check back for new information. If you are just starting out then you can even do a blog post once a week, just ensure that it is always on the same day, so people who come to expect it won’t be disappointed when they log in to your blog page. You can always up the frequency later as it gains momentum and you have an established online brand presence.

September 24, 2012

Fbi and police use social media to solve crimes

Social Media sites could be the latest police resource in the fight against crime. In this informative post we highlight the power of social media and the vital importance of using social media to enhance your online reputation and online brand presence.

The social media news sources are saying that social media could be the word-of-mouth help that the police now use to track down criminals. It’s not just local, but international as well with the broad scale of worldwide users utilizing the social media sites. The FBI, police force and various other government agencies are capitalizing on how they can benefit. With this new breakthrough, solving crimes and gaining support could be a click away.

FBI Search Social Media Sites To Target Users & Terrorism Keywords

The FBI has a driving purpose to offer a fast response to a crisis, as well as uncovering unlawful activities. For the Federal Bureau of Investigation to competently serve as an investigative body, they need to maintain the best form of technology to do the job adequately. The power of social media is rapidly expanding and the FBI has recently announced their plans to get involved. The Bureau is hoping to gain access to material from social media websites that is publicly available. This will give them the opportunity to discover emerging threats, particular incidents and alerts. This evidence will be layered on a map created by the FBI as a way of incorporating additional data, which will let them track movements of potential problems. Social media is could be the link that governmental bodies need to react and respond to situations before they turn into emergencies.

Police Provide Information & Engage Community Members With Social Media 

Communities everywhere have been waiting a long time for the police force to announce their involvement in social media. Undoubtedly, Facebook, Twitter and other networks, which are made use of for communicating, will hold the necessary functions to act as a tool for the prompt delivery of news and information. Furthermore, social media news can create a major presence for police, which in turn can result in awareness and the reporting of crimes.

What is impressive about the police deciding to be a part of social media is that the traffic and attention targeted towards the pages can transpire into an abundance of visitors for the police website itself. This allows community members to learn more about what is happening and how they can help.

Recent Social Media News Leads To Solving Carjacking Incidents

A further breakthrough for social media  relates to incidents such as carjacking, and how social media websites can make a dramatic difference in catching the perpetrators and helping the victims. This is sure to be the beginning of reporting incidents online, and both government authorities and the public are staying fully aware of how to do so in a timely manner, which could make a big impact on the time it takes for cases to be reported and solved.

With the significant advancement of various social media websites nowadays, the possibilities are endless for crime fighters to make communities a safer place. Without a doubt the government authorities will be putting plans into action, as a way of deterring the chances of crime rather than responding to it. Suspects and possible terrorist threats can be tracked down with social media management, and hopefully, progressive social media can help the police and FBI to learn more about regular associations, analysis, trends and probable developments.

The use of local police forces making use of social media is just one more instance of the global village and the interconnectivity in the worl. From a marketing perspective, the advances in social media mean that you have even more avenues and ways to reach your audience and increase your online brand presence.

September 03, 2012


When a business starts to look for a way to ensure increased online brand presence, they need to make sure that they have a ‘social’ face. A good internet marketing strategy means taking every aspect of your business and making sure that it is optimized for the web.

Online Brand Presence Is Not Just Advertising

Online businesses can no longer afford to use social media as an advertising strategy for increased online brand presence. Today, you need to make sure that your social media strategy covers a lot more than a quick sales message which is overtly promotional. You need to make sure that all of your divisions and employees speak with one ‘social voice’. The most important factor when you want to start a successful social media marketing campaign is to have a cohesive social message.

Any online marketing campaign needs to start by talking a look at your core business and your brand identity. Identify the way your brand speaks to the market place and what has worked successfully for you in traditional marketing as a way of attracting new clients and retaining old ones. What type of message do you send out to the world? You need to make sure that your internet marketing message reflects your business brand.

Look at your target market, look at where you do the most business and make sure that your message is going out in the right places. An industrial business offering services to other businesses will be far better served by using LinkedIn than Facebook. These little factors have a great impact on where and how effectively your online brand presence message is received.

One of the keys to a successful online brand strategy is consistent and regular communication. Not only will this help your ranking, especially if you are blogging, but it will ensure that people can rely on receiving information from you regularly. Your tone and style must be consistent with the message as well as your brand to be truly effective as part of an online marketing strategy. Never underestimate the power of social networks and the immense value that they can add to your business.

Keep your message concise, consistent and have great content that has been optimized by a professional ORM before you hit the social media dance floor. It pays to have a little bit of savvy behind your message and any online reputation management company who is planning your strategy will have the tools, data and creative team to ensure success.

August 31, 2012


Looking for more customers? Many small business owners are wary about spending money on internet marketing for enhanced online visibility. There are a number of things you can do to promote your brand online and ensure that customers can find your website and services.

Can Customers StumbleUpon Your Business?

The StumbleUpon business model should be part of your overall online marketing drive. While it’s easy to focus on the giants of social networking, you need to pay attention to sites like StumbleUpon and start up’s like Pinterest to get the best results and enhanced online visibility for your brand. Just a year ago it was all about delivering clicks to your website, but now the focus has changed in social media and online marketing. The goal is no longer getting the clicks, but to be seen by internet users and consumers as an approachable available brand. 

The way StumbleUpon works, and the reason it is so popular, is because millions of users come to the site and use it as a filter for their internet searching. Perfect for when you want to filter out the “background noise” of the internet. It might not be as user friendly as Facebook or Twitter, and it may not be as interactive, but it is a valuable part of your online brand promotion. StumbleUpon is considered to be an authority site. People go there specifically because it filters out the filler/spam results and delivers high quality content.

Enhanced Online Visibility Through Website Promotion

There are a few techniques that you should use to ensure success in website promotion. First is to implement content sharing. Although many websites are skeptical in letting their site content be viewed on another site, this can actually help increase traffic due to their improved visibility.This can be executed through widgets and badges that allow sites to showcase their site’s content without having to force their readers to go to their website.

Another sure-fire technique of getting traffic through networking sites is through commenting on popular websites with your own site’s link. Other websites that have like buttons, such as Facebook, are also known to drive traffic towards a product. When people see their friend likes a certain product, these people tend to check out what this product is, thereby increasing their website’s hits.

With all the significant advantages that social media optimization has to offer, the success of this method of website promotion still lies in the quality of your website content. StumbleUpon needs to have excellent content to work effectively, and that is really what your internet marketing should be about to ensure enhanced online visibility.

The StumbleUpon business model is second only to Facebook in the amount of traffic referred to external websites. The numbers of registered users may seem small; just under 20 million, but those users spend on average of 6 hours per month using the service.

What would you pay to reach 20 million people who are actively looking for your service?



August 29, 2012


Business owners are questioning their internet marketing ROI and are looking for more ‘bang for their buck’ every day to ensure increased online brand presence. Without good conversion rates, a business owner may start re-thinking their strategy. Internet marketing has the strength and ability to really entice potential customers towards your website and enhance your online brand presence, but an excellent ROI cannot be expected without some time and effort.

You can capitalize on your current conversion rates by implementing diverse tactics into your main internet marketing efforts. These could be subtle changes to what you are doing now, but with proven techniques, you can expect your business to pick up and thrive continuously and that means that your investment is paying dividends.

Online Brand Presence - Get Your Brand Out There

The fundamental point of trying to herd potential visitors to your business website via different online tools is to boost conversion rates. Your efforts and ultimately, sales, cannot be made unless your business website is easily accessible. It is valuable to remember that many people using the Internet are not equipped and experienced in using the World Wide Web as well as you may be. Because of this, you should have a clean promotion message that directly links through to a selling page on your website. Make it gentle but at the same time, powerful. Unless you make it easy for customers to click through and buy your service or product, they may be turned off.

Is Your Online Brand Presence A Reflection Of Your Efforts?

Honesty is of course the best policy and potential customers who uncover you through social media or other online search engines will ideally want to know as much about your business as possible. Make it easy for them to read constant updates with different messages in each. You can entice customers with comments on topics that are of interest to them, but also, make it apparent that you are an honest business. This can be done by offering a list of testimonials and reviews coming from previous customers who admired your services. When you’re looking for the monetary proof of increased online brand presence, you need to analyze your efforts. Make sure you're using tools like Google analytics you will be able to implement changes based on empirical data, not hearsay.