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July 17, 2007

Probably the biggest advantage of a personal web site is just that- the personal aspect.  Instead of sticking to the traditional resume format, you can use MyLookUpPage to best explain yourself and ensure that whoever is searching for you finds this page, rather than some stub you're mentioned in somewhere else.

Take a look at Gili Wolff's page, for example.  No longer does one have to go for quantity to be found on an Internet search; on the contrary- you can use MyLookUpPage as a centralized location for your personal links and contact info.  No personal background information needed, no further explanations required, just a simple way of making sure people find you on the web.

But let's not ignore the business opportunities a customized web page presents.  If your name is your brand-name, why not use the web to expand its popularity? Limor Rafaeli is a jewelry designer and has customized her lookup page to display her artistic prowess.

Others just want a place to tell a bit about themselves in not-too-formal a matter.  There are many places on the web that allow you to do this; the advantage of MyLookUpPage is the ability to be found on any open web searches (unlike Facebook, MySpace, etc.), but still have a customized page.  Dotan Zomet's page represents a colorful middle road combining his business background with personal information and experiences.

And best of all, your LookUpPage doesn't have to be just in English.  Orly Sandra Jablonowsky and Laurent Eskenazi have their pages in German and French, respectively.  Orly's page is also in English, which allows her to share her site with a wider audience.   


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