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June 03, 2008

This past month, we have been working on some very exciting developments that will change your overall experience here at LookupPage.  Along with hard work and new releases, this month has brought much anticipation for our biggest release as of yet.
We have been receiving comments from our users on launching a free version of LookupPage – and to help spread the free love we have done just that.  From now on, anyone and everyone can Sign Up to LookupPage for free!   It is easy, simple, guaranteed, and best of all – FREE!

You will find that a whole lot has changed in the past month – with our main priority and goal being to improve our users overall experience with us.   We have a newly designed homepage, and a main page for you to login and control your page with different options.   To experience all the changes firsthand, you will need to login to your account and see for yourself.

A summary of new changes for the new LookupPage:

  1. LookupPage is now free for everyone to Sign Up
  2. We have redesigned our homepage.  We tried to create something that stays true to the very essence of LookupPage, and in addition, we have taken a strong and positive stance defining the LookupPage product at a first glance.
  3. LookupPage has expanded its package options to four newly designed packages that were shaped to suit individual or company/business needs and specifications.  You can read more about each package, with explanations for all the features available.
  4. LookupPage now lets its users manage their own accounts with ease. For example, you can view your page statistics, upgrade your package, and renew subscriptions and more.

We would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and comments, so please don’t hesitate to write us at support@lookuppage.com and tell us what you think.


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