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June 10, 2008

LookupPage now offers four package types:  Free Package, Standard Package, Business-Pro Package, and the Corporate Package.  The Free Package is free of course, no strings attached.  The Standard, Business-Pro and Corporate packages fees is listed here, along with all their features.

Firstly, people are asking us what is the essential differences between the packages and which ones is most suitable for individuals, business owners, self-employed et cetera.  Below is a general overview of each package:

Free Package: is for basic or beginner users who are looking to get started with a simple and easy to upload personal website that includes basic information about you, your expertise, and your links.

Standard Package: is for users who are looking for a personalised Web experience with enhancing features such Web Search engine services, ads free page, web statistics tool, Spam-Free contact form (sending requests directly to your inbox), and of course, including all the Free Account features.

Business-Pro Package: is for business professionals seeking to take control of their online identity, with advanced features such as Web hosting, personalised name-based domains (www.yourname.com), Search Engine top rankings for your page, business and professional contact information listing, external link measurement tools, and of course, including all the Free & Standard Account Features.

Corporate Package: is for corporate customers looking to promote their corporate identity through enhanced reputation of their employees, including full account management services, multiple company LookupPages personalised per employee, design layout options, RSS feeds for enhanced corporate communication, and encompassing all the features of the Free, Standard, and Business-Pro packages.

Everyone can start off with a free package, which means creating your own LookupPage in minutes, and posting it online with the click of a finger.  LookupPage allows you to upgrade your package subscription at any time, and all subscriptions (except for the free package, which is unlimited, unless otherwise requested) are on an annual basis.

Some of the feature terms for each package may sound new to you, or ring a familiar bell.  Whatever it is, we understand the importance of choosing your package wisely and therefore explain every single feature so that you can gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of your package.

Check out the packages page for all the details, or you can contact one of our support representatives at support@lookuppage.com


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Interesting service, i should consider to use your service

I hae created a FREE account. Here is the page:


It has about 11 visitors a month. I can not find it in any search engine even for my full name in the search phrase.

What should I expext - what ranking or what visitors numbers if I start paying you - upgrade my account.



When Googling "ivan stojanovic" your LookuPage can be seen on the first page.
As for upgrading your account, it will improve your ranking and drive more traffic to your site. The exact numbers are different per user.


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