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July 08, 2008

Current research shows that the majority of CEOs believe that 50% of their incoming executives don’t have the interpersonal skills necessary to develop understanding, rapport and ultimate sales with potential clients. 

Tessa Hood believes a huge impact on business can be achieved by optimising company performance by using strategic intention to develop overall improved Personal Branding.
Once a company engages with the philosophy of improving the individual’s branding the improvement in the organisation cannot be understated as it leads to:

•    Long term behavioral change
•     Develops ‘front of mind’ status through improved reputation
•     Increases authority, credence and perception of integrity
•     Improves influence, communication & enhances prestige               
•     Improves perceived ‘added value’'
•     Reduces sales cycles and improves bottom lines
•     Builds reputations
•     Earns recognition and increases earning power – anonymity is not the goal here!

The big influencers in business are brand, perceived power, track record and how the people in the company look and behave.  If you have doubts about your place in this fast track world take a look at the people who represent you to clients, suppliers and prospects.  When all things are equal (and sometimes when they’re not) you can make a dramatic difference in the success stakes.  The impact starts the minute one of your representatives walks through the door.  Will they be remembered for the right reasons? Are you and your company ready to move into the fast lane?  A personal brand creates an experience so compelling that it demands customer loyalty!

•    Find out how to improve the corporate brand your people represent.
•    Visit: www.changinggear.net     or   Email:  info@changinggear.net

Tessa Hood is a LookupPage customer and Managing Director of Changing Gear.


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