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February 13, 2009

What is Twitter?

Twitter is an increasingly popular online communication tool. Free to use and jam packed with potential, Twitter allows you to post and receive messages from friends, family and colleagues in real-time.

Also known as a micro-blogging platform, Twitter entries, or ‘tweets’, are limited to 140 characters. This may make entries sound too brief, but you’ll soon find it makes it easier to post on the fly – great for communicating with peers and building up a visible web presence.

How and Why is Twitter Useful?

Twitter can be used for:

  • Note-taking, jotting down ideas or bookmarking websites for personal use.
  • Sharing websites, blog posts and other interesting information with your audience of followers.
  • Instantaneous sharing of photographs and videos from your mobile phone with your followers.
  • Receiving answers to questions posed to your followers – but remember, the conversation is two way. Always be polite and try and help others as much as they help you.
  • Twitter is great for making worthwhile business connections.
  • Organise meet ups, or ‘tweet-ups’ with like-minded individuals.
  • Publish breaking updates of news, product releases and other information in real-time.

How to Join Twitter:

  • Point your browser to twitter.com.
  • Click “Get Started – Join!”
  • Enter your details (Remember to always use your full name or alias for consistency in personal branding).
  • Click “Create my Account”.

You’re now free to begin making connections, seeding content and engaging in conversation whenever and wherever you like. You’ll soon be getting the hang of it and will be on your way to improving your web presence and visibility.

Once you have created your Twitter account, don’t forget to add it to your LookupPage profile so your visitors know where else they can communicate with or follow you. You can also tweet your LookupPage profile. More people will find it and be able to get far more insight into what you are all about.

It’s all about making a connection with your potential audience, so don’t forget to maximise the benefits of your LookupPage profile by incorporating it into every online visibility exercise you undertake.

Next week we will be looking at how to use Facebook for corporate and personal branding, so keep an eye out.


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