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March 20, 2009

By creating themed content and structuring your information in a logical way, you can portray a higher level of credibility to search engines. Eventually you will rise up the SERPs and therefore users will see you as being more credible.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of creating content in such a way that search engines naturally see your content as valuable and of interest to the user.

By running a pay per click (PPC) campaign, you can be sure that you’ll be included in the SERPs. Most PPC ads are displayed either at the top of the page, or just to the side of the top ranked results, with the advertiser only paying when his ad is clicked.

Some fundamental rules of search engine marketing (SEM) include:

•    Use consistent keywords and synonyms when necessary.
•    Use your keywords in meta data, headings, sub-headings, links and body copy.
•    Link between the pages within your website or between individual blog posts.
•    Create external links pointing into your site. The more relevant the link text and the destination page content, the more benefit you’ll receive.

Top Tip: Have patience. SEM is an ongoing process. Although PPC can be implemented immediately, it might take a while until SEO’s full rewards are evident. In this case, one can use the former to supplement the latter while it gets up to speed (or to cover the keywords that SEO can’t reach).

Use LookupPage Pro to Instantly Improve Your Google CV

How can you instantly build your Google CV? With a LookupPage Pro account you can have your information displayed at the top of your Google CV – alongside paid listings (PPC ads) and organic content (SEO content).

Create and manage your own profile on LookupPage. Display your business details, logo and contact information on your profile, and have your business noticed with a listing on the Business Lookup.

Read more about the various LookupPage packages available to you.


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nice post i enjoyed reading it

I think using PPC and SEO together is a good strategy to improve google cv. thanks for the post.


Using them both together is often a great strategy, but only if the PPC aspect is converting properly, or helping to build proper brand awareness. If not, then it might be better to just do SEO on its own.

Well according to me internet is the best thing for entertainment for education and yes for money making. So that if you are taking it seriously then you can know about the various ways of earning money through internet. Here you have posted very nice article about the particular topic. Anyways keep sharing your thoughts.

Well according to me internet is the best platform for all of us, because here we can get lots of opportunities to grow up. I Think the best part of the seo, it is to simple as a primary education of the internet. So i am really interested in it. I have read your article and learnt alot from your post.

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