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April 15, 2009

Using the internet to market yourself is easy, cheap and effective – but even the best online identities are not with out their flaws. Here’s a breakdown of common personal branding mistakes:

1). Inconsistency

  • Many name and image variations.
  • No brand identity standards.
  • More than one spokesman resulting in erratic engagement style.

2). Diluting Your Personal Branding

  • Straying from the point.
  • Sending ambiguous messages.
  • Using too many communication platforms.

3). Getting Walked Over By Competition

  • Not being aware of one’s online reputation.
  • Having others own your personal identity and the SERPs for your name.
  • Spending more time taking cheap shots at competitors rather than progressing online.

4). Repetition and Irritating Messages

  • Over eager communication, especially common over Facebook and Twitter.
  • Repeating the same information in a ‘cheerleading’ style to an ever-irritated audience.
  • Offering no value in communications.
  • Coming across as self-serving.

5). Personal Identity Stagnation

  • Not being responsive to an attentive audience.
  • Letting one’s blog and social media profiles gather dust soon after creation.
  • Rehashing the same themed content over and over.
  • Not evolving into new territory with the crowd.

So, now that you know – avoid these personal branding mistakes at all costs when you are trying to establish an online presence. They may seem simple, but the above are all very easy mistakes to make. Maintaining a sense of professionalism is the key to success.


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Not committing to a social media strategy is one of the biggest mistakes.

There are so many folks that will get pumped up by some article or book and be really consistent for a week or two then they seem to drop the ball or become uninterested and they tend to do the same with social media and expect results!

This shows laziness and lack of commitment.

One of the solutions is to adopt Kaizen which is a Japanese management philosophy.

By practicing small social media steps daily, you gain the benefits of continuous improvements instead of doing nothing or trying to do it all in one day which results in failure as well!

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