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May 26, 2009


As the Internet is such a fluid medium, establishing a strong online presence is an ongoing process – but there are certain social networking sites that are crucial to your success. LinkedIn is one of those, so here’s some more info on how to get ahead. Remember that in combination with a LookupPage profile, this could do wonders for your personal branding efforts.

Profile and Networking

Not only can users find out more about you through your biography, professional history, experience and so on, but like minded professionals can also connect with you on the LinkedIn platform or contact you directly via email or other means.

  Ehud Furman on LinkedIn

It’s important to get a few things correct if you want to make the right LinkedIn impact:

  • Be sure to complete the “interested in” section of your profile which allows the public to know what professional opportunities you are open to (e.g. consultant work vs. permanent employment).
  • The contact section even allows you to advise the public on the best manner in which to make contact with you.
  • Your colleagues and contemporaries can also recommend you for positions – these can be requested from your friends, making this function especially useful with a growing list of contacts.


Links are a great way for bringing in search engine spiders and human traffic, and can have a direct effect on your search engine ranking. Without enough entry points into your site, your website, social media profile or blog could be left in online isolation, cut off from the rest of the web.

  • Be sure to include the links to your many different online destinations, with your most important at the top.
  • Link back, and between these sites (look out for the LinkedIn button which can be embedded in your site and take visitors to your LinkedIn profile).

Overall Online Presence

As we’ve already mentioned, search engine visibility is imperative to your online presence and in combination with a LookupPage profile you can easily build your own your Google CV by signing up.

Being listed online is not enough if you want to get ahead and establish an impenetrable online reputation.

  • Communicate with your connections, as well as their contacts who are in the same industry.
  • Browse the LinkedIn groups directory to find relevant groups to join and communicate with like minded professionals.


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