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May 21, 2009

When searching for more information on a particular individual, Google or other search engines will typically display a mix of results. As time has gone by, we’ve started to see social media profiles taking up more and more space in the top search results. Facebook, LinkedIn and LookupPage are three sites which are featured prominently in search results.

Why is having a ‘clean record’ so important? Many employers like to check the Google CV of potential employees before they even step into an interview situation - not to mention the social implications regardless of employment opportunities.


Here are some tips to help you establish your online presence with LookupPage:

  • Use the same profile picture or logo already in use on other social networks.

  • Interlink between your different profiles and websites.

  • Upload your Curriculum Vitae.

  • Find your LookupPage friends by importing your contacts from other platforms.

  • Invite your friends who are not already on LookupPage.

  • With a LookupPage Pro account, you can analyse your traffic and see who has their eye on your profile.

  • Submit your profile to the Business Lookup for your particular industry.


Think of personal and business branding sites such as LookupPage as business cards or your interactive résumé – with a little time and a bit of tweaking, you can establish a great online presence and increase your credibility and transparency in one swoop.


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