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June 18, 2009

Clare Werbeloff was the cause of much online buzz after the 19 year old Australian girl recently gave a fictitious, but all too convincing witness account of a shooting at King’s Cross.

Also known as Clare the King’s Cross Bogan (bogan being an Australian slang term for lower class), her racial account of the incident, Aussie twang and pretty face sparked much online discussion and debate.

YouTube Views to date: 141,381

Such is the spirit of the Internet; the raw Channel Nine footage of the interview went viral as soon as it hit YouTube, with countless video responses, remixes and parodies being created. Clare, naturally, asserts that her fabrication and choice of words were meant as a joke.

Clare’s Career: Chk-Chk-Boom

BuzzNumbers, an Australian social media monitoring service, said in a blog post about Clare that she’d created $200,000AUD in advertising on Australian websites and social networks alone – after only one week.

Clare’s ad-lib attracted a flurry of public appearances, branded merchandise, job offers and news interviews (the premeditated kind) as well as one more unforgettable meme for online community to share.

Love her or hate her; it seems the public have chosen to put Clare in their spotlight. “I’m not sure what happened, I didn’t see what happened with the shooting,” Clare later stated in an interview on A Current Affair.

From a 19 year old girl – to an Internet sensation overnight, such is the power of the World Wide Web.


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