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June 14, 2009

After just 3 years since its creation, Twitter has taken off as one of the most popular social media platforms. Opportunities for personal branding have increased and businesses and individuals are taking advantage of developing mainstream status using this tool. With Twitter, the potential reach of our personal brands is wider, but given its mass use the world over, it is harder to gain recognition.

Ashton Kutcher has proved the power of Twitter as a personal branding tool – as it stands, he has 2 109 454 followers. He constantly updates his status and gives insight into his and his wife, Demi Moore’s life. He even tweeted a picture of the lovely Ms. Moore in her undies – this subsequently went viral on the net and resulted in an increase in followers. He has since spoken on the topic of Twitter on the Oprah Show and in various TV interviews.

Ashton Kutcher's Twitter page

Twitter can be whatever YOU want it to be! In his case, Ashton Kutcher needed global popularity to increase his pulling power at the box office. You may, however, want to use Twitter to gain loyal followers who are ready to connect with you, your brand or your knowledge.

You need to decide what you want out of social networking – do you want to increase numbers or further your field of engagement? You then need to decide what kind of presence you would like to establish - whether you are a personal connector or a broadcaster.

Personal branding is all about perception and what people are going to associate with you. Nowadays, with the emergence of social media platforms, people prefer to connect with other people rather than with a corporate brand. Branding is a way to make yourself memorable, whether you are an individual or a company.

When it comes to personal branding on Twitter, there are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. Listen to the online conversation and participate – you will be able to use tools like Twitter search to distinguish between the “signal and the noise”. By finding out what the “signals” are, you will find opportunities to engage in the conversations. Another way for companies to encourage participation in this new communication medium is to use Twitter to hold contests.
  2. Your content shapes your brand – what you choose to tweet will shape your brand on Twitter. Be aware that once you tweet, your content will be out there for people to find forever.
  3. Build a community – just like Mr. Kutcher who found an audience that is interested in what he had to offer through his tweets. The chances are, your market is already out there on Twitter – by building an online presence, you will be able to engage with your niche market.
  4. Always look to expand your visibility – you will be able to expand your visibility if you make a conscious effort to make yourself visible to the right group of people and influencers. Twitter is only one channel of social media, tools like LookupPage and Google Profiles can further your audience reach and visibility.
  5. Build and nurture relationships – as a broadcasting tool, Twitter is great when it comes to reaching thousands of people in one swoop. It also makes you and your brand more reachable. Engage and respond to tweets directed at you, ask questions and answer them.

Twitter is not the only tool that can assist your personal branding efforts – there are various other channels that can help you establish and monitor your online brand identity. By enhancing your personal branding efforts with tools such as LookupPage and Twitter, you will gain a competitive advantage over others who offer similar services and encourage more people to talk about you.

It worked for Ashton Kutcher, now make it work for you.


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