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June 07, 2009

Although they can, at times, be cumbersome to produce and distribute, the syndication of digital multimedia files can greatly help you achieve your personal branding goals.

Videos, images, audio files and the like can help you attract new audience members and help you showcase your true personality online.

YouTube for personal branding

Video blogging (otherwise known as vlogging or video-blogs) is a great way to increase your content output, while utilising a dynamic medium which can showcase your products and services and increase click-through traffic.Find out more about how YouTube can help you achieve your personal branding goals.

Podcast for personal branding

Like videos via YouTube or other social video network, podcasts have enormous potential and can be used creatively to produce something which your audience will find valuable. As podcasts can be downloaded and played at any time, it’s up to you to create something which your audience would want to listen to – and remember to include super-short adverts in the beginning and end of the recording to increase awareness.

Flickr to boost personal branding

There’s no doubt that you are already using at least a handful of images in your personal branding campaign – but there is much opportunity for you to optimise these essential images - increase your online impact by creating and uploading additional images.

Some social media sites – like Flickr - allow you to upload images for free, comment on the images of others and also network with like-minded peers.

Remember to inform your blog readers and social media contacts of your new multimedia ventures and explain how to access the files for the less savvy members of your audience.


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