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June 04, 2009


Although it may be way more casual than many other social networks, businesses (depending on the industry) can benefit from a presence on MySpace – especially small business or even one-man shows.

MySpace can provide a great channel to improve brand awareness, increase content to feed your friendly search engine spiders and get involved in the community.

As plenty of the users on MySpace are college students and thereabouts, there’s lots of potential to interact with this audience – but here we’re talking ‘cooler’ businesses or industries aimed at the younger generation.

A financial advisor, for instance, is likely to fail at making an impact with this audience, but if your business aims to find talented post-grads, raise awareness about a new product or inform the local MySpace users about your coffee shop - MySpace can be extremely handy.

MySpace has something that few other social networking sites haven’t been able to offer successfully - traditional blogs. Simple to publish and easy to navigate, MySpace blogs have proven extremely useful for those in the spotlight and the public alike.

The themed MySpace groups make it easier to connect with peers and potential audience members. Join the relevant groups and improve your web visibility.

Don’t forget to list your LookupPage details when you begin building your MySpace presence.


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