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July 15, 2009

Search engines, especially Google, are a primary tool of research for millions of people worldwide.

Test your company’s Google CV by searching for your company name, services or products, and then the different variations (which information seekers may use to find you).

LookupPage Google CV

Analyse the results by counting the amount of official results against the unofficial and the positive commentary versus the negative. Mark off areas for improvement, or where negative mentions can be responded to (such as blog posts).

Take a look at the Google CV of your competitors (especially the top spots) to find places where you can present your business.

Improving Your Company’s Google CV

Improve your company’s Google CV by making sure you own as many of the top spots as possible. Claim back more of your Google CV by creating a presence on the many popular social media sites available online.

When it comes to owning your company’s Google CV, LookupPage can be a major help. The top spots on search engine results are generally the most often clicked-on and used. Naturally, this is an area you will want to be present.

Sign up for a LookupPage business visibility account and you’ll be guaranteed a ranking on the first Google search results page. The profiles are easy to create, and help you to manage your resources. Plus, traffic and search analysis are sure to provide valuable insights into your market.


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