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August 19, 2009

The need of an existing business to reach higher exposure online through the use of new content does not have to be associated only with burying negative results on search engines. Businesses today realize that sharing different kinds of information online can increase the traffic that their websites generate.

People are often surprised to find out that Google and other major search engines on occasion will rank a video or a PDF document within the first search results page. The fact that people are searching for relevant information in all shapes and sizes pretty much guarantees that the algorithm that search engines are currently using will continue to produce such results. Search engines are basically saying that if a query is answered correctly by a file that has been indexed, that file will usually get exposure no matter what format the information is in.

The suggested 3 ways, covered in this post, to change how your business shows up are:

1.Social Publishing -Scribd is an excellent tool for uploading a pdf file along with any type of font or images that are a part of the file. It enjoys one of the largest following online and therefore is indexed on a constant basis by Google and Yahoo.
2.SlideShare – Allows its users to upload Power Point presentations and even include sound in them. Similarly to Scribd it is viewed as an authority by search engines.
3. Creating a LookupPage – A LookupPage business profile can enhance the web presence of a website. It is a place that ranks high and promotes useful information about a business. It can focus on what the business specializes in and include follow links that would help the search engine optimization of the business and any colleagues it wishes to promote.

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thanks for this post , it made me realize that there are a few things I have yet to try in attempting to modify my Google cv...

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