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August 31, 2009

It seems that discussing the importance of establishing a web presence for a small or medium sized business currently would be redundant. Online presence for small companies is often more important than it is for large ones. The internet has made the world a smaller place. Many companies depend solely on their online presence in order to reach their prospective clients. 

Although the costs that businesses endure in order to create elaborate web sites are still high, when it comes to run of the mill online presence; the type that allows a company to show up when its name is searched on Google, the amount of time and effort that businesses need to put in has dropped dramatically. Online directories and social networks make it very simple for a business to create an online presence and improve the Google CV of a new business rapidly.

A good example is Twitter. If you have a Twitter account and have Googled yourself recently, you are aware of how much credit Twitter is getting from the biggest search engine out there. Businesses of all sizes have figured out that a business twitter account is very likely to rank on the first page results. 

In addition, Twitter can help your business to communicate better with your potential clients. Take for example the food truck service in major cities such as New York. Such services have become very popular in recent years since their overhead expenses are low and allow them to offer great prices on food. In order to establish and maintain their relationship with their customers they use Twitter perpetually. These trucks are on the go; they offer incentives such as coupon codes that would motivate their clients to connect with them online and use the web to inform their customers in regards to their physical location and current specials. One truck gives out a password online on a daily basis and customers who use the password when they order their food get a free dessert. 

Another way for a business to establish a web presence and open an additional line of communication with its customers is Facebook. We are learning that adults ages 35-44 are the fastest growing age group on the popular social network. This essentially means that any company that is using Facebook to target its customers is visible to more age groups than before. 

Creating a fan page on Facebook, enables a business to import an RSS feed from its blog, improve market research by being on the receiving end on highly valuable feedback from its clients and create a buzz for product launches and special promotions. 


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