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August 03, 2009

Triple indented listings are multiple results from the same website on a search engine results page. They are usually associated with internal linking done well and the optimization of several of your site pages for the same search term. Until now you could only get double listings or multiple Google Sitelinks for your website. Recently a few triple indented listings have been spotted on Google results (They must be experimenting with that feature). This is a big deal because it essentially allows one website to show up on about a third of the results page and is a step before being approved for Sitelinks.

Here is an example of triple listing we spotted a few days ago for the LookupPage Blog:

This is big news for online reputation management, since many businesses and professionals would love to have this kind of exposure on organic search. But how does a website reach these results?  It takes both skill and patience. Being able to get the initial page indexed on the search engine is a great start. Writing additional content that deals with the same topic on several of your site pages and linking these pages increases the likelihood that the search engine will bundle the pages together.

Using LookupPage can also certainly help a business or a professional create multiple listings on search engines and establish a better Google CV.

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Triple listings; most impressive. I've only see huge sites like cnet and the like get those kind of listings up til now; I wonder if Google is changing that to be a little nicer to the little guys. ;)

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