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August 24, 2009

Watching trends on Twitter has become even more important recently, as more businesses and individuals have turned to the popular microblog to tell the world about their daily activities and recommend content. For the people who are wondering exactly what the advantages of monitoring streams we offer the following:

1.No matter if you are tweeting for your friends, your business, or your employer you can use monitoring of Twitter streams to figure out what kind of content is being passed around or retweeted the most. This will help in defining the type of content you will come up with when trying to increase your following.

2.The saying “what goes around – comes around “is incredibly true with Twitter; If you decide to retweet someone else’s content that action may be reciprocated more quickly than you might anticipate. Even more importantly, the fact that a business cares enough about your tweets in order to re publish them to his or her group of followers indicates that professionally you have things in common and that may lead to business collaborations down the road.

3.If your business has a blog, it is vital for you to be up to speed with current trends and major stories in your field. That is the only way your blog will continue to be relevant. By monitoring key terms on twitter, one can have an initial indication on breaking stories and the reactions to those stories.

To monitor your stream or the LookupPage stream simply click the bottom right “RSS feed” link on your Twitter page.


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