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August 05, 2009

The LookupPage Business directory provides a great network for finding contemporaries and competitors or to simply being found by others. There is a lot of link building potential within the business directory itself, as well as the stand alone profile pages.

The LookupPage Professional profiles include space for:

  • Logo or profile picture.
  • Your personal biography (available for personal users) - Now is the time to provide some detailed information about your business background and experience. This section can also include links.
  • Link section - If the links within your bio body copy weren’t enough, the link section allows you to provide links to your various business endeavours, colleagues and so on.
  • About your business - This section focuses on your business, allowing you to provide detailed information on your company, its history and the services offered. And of course direct links to your business website.
  • Contact details - Extensive contact details permits the public to get hold of you directly, in a medium of your choice. The most common channels are email via LookupPage, landline telephone, mobile phone, Skype, fax or direct email.
  • Located at the bottom right of your profile, the ‘forward’ option allows others to email your profile to their friends.

Every time a link you link to another relevant page about you or your company, there is increased potential for search engine spiders to find your content and recognise the relevance. This will positively impact your company’s Google CV.

Plus, every link created (and supported by credible content) improves the odds of a user finding your business information and navigating through to your website or contacting you directly – making the LookupPage business directory an invaluable tool for link building.

Join the LookupPage business directory today and increase your link potential.


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