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September 04, 2009

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Establishing online visibility requires hard work and dedication. A business or a professional who wishes to rank on Google for specific keywords has to come up with relevant and informative content in order to stay ahead of its competitors.
The world where a first impression is made by meeting a person face to face, evaluating their tone, style of clothes and manners is obviously gone. More people conduct their research online when evaluating candidates for a job or a business venture. This has significantly increased the importance of what other see and read about us online.
Here at LookupPage your online visibility and reputation is our business. Lookup Pages that contain relevant information about a business or a professional get significantly higher web visibility than profiles that contain little or no information at all. Excellent examples of the LookupPage service to your online visibility are the Oxford car service premium business page (search Google for "Oxford car service") and Ehud Furman, LookupPage founder and CEO, premium personal page (search Google for "Ehud Furman").
The reason for that is very simple. Search engine are becoming more complex and their attempt is to return valuable information for every search query. Someone's name showing up on a profile online could result in indexation by Google, but providing information such as specialties, education, experience and other background information will increase the validity of that content, essentially "forcing" the search engine to include this content in the search results.
If you are promoting a business on LookupPage, content is equally important for you to include. Information such as opening hours and accepted payment methods count as valuable content, but explaining what makes your business great is more likely to generate a genuine business lead. Either way, we believe that you should include both.
To add more content to your LookupPage:

  1.  Login to your account. If you do not have a lookupPage account you can easily create one.
  2.  Choose to update your personal details or your business details.
  3.  Preview your changes.
  4.  Save your changes.


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