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September 16, 2009

Every Tuesday we are going to feature a LookupPage that has impressed us as of late.  By sharing these online-visibility success stories, we are hoping to increase the knowledge of fellow LookupPage users on what makes a page so successful on search engines. Another aspect of it is that we can discuss what can be done with that specific page to enhance the results it is receiving even further. Finally, we are also hoping to give  an additional boost to a professional or a business that has taken control over its online branding.

This week we are featuring Overholt Heating and Air Conditioning.

This company has been in business for over forty years and needs to be congratulated for understanding online marketing.  Overholt understands that LookupPage can get great indexing from major search engines so what they did was use the name of the county in which they operate as the name of the company. Now when someone searches “Cuyahoga County Heating Repair”, Overholt is the first name that comes up on that search.

What we love about their LookupPage is that they linked between their online profiles; you can read about the advantages of doing just that.  Overholt’s LookupPage has good content and is rightfully ranking first on both Google and Yahoo. As far as we are concerned, other great content that Overholt can include in their LookupPage could be the name of the person who started the company forty years ago, payment methods accepted and most importantly a company logo to be associated with the great brand this company has worked so hard to achieve. Using the same logo is not only effective with getting people familiar with a brand or a business, search engines are able to tell if they are presented with the same image in several different places  this could result in improved ranking down the road. 


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