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September 29, 2009

Building a website brand requires both careful planning and execution. The following is a list of tips that are important to implement when creating and maintaining a Website brand online.  

1. Choose a domain name that is short and memorable

Finding a good domain name requires some research. It is vital to come up with something that is both short and catchy. Time spent on this is well worth it since getting the domain name right will make it easier for your customers to remember you.

2. Give an incentive to returning customers in the form of new and relevant content

We try to stress the importance of fresh content on a regular basis for search engine rankings, but even more important than that is reaching out to your customers on topics that matter to them. Small businesses often create excellent blogs in order to increase the correspondence between them and their customers.

3. Design a simple, easy to use website.

Presenting a web site that is highly animated, requires a download of additional software, or enables viewing of the page only for a specific browser, limits the amount of people who can access your website. It is hard enough to bring new visitors to a web site. It is imperative to make their experience a positive one.

4. Go “live” only when your site is ready. 

If your content is not ready, you are better off waiting until it is than putting a “coming soon” sign. The association one would make from such a notification will seriously harm the reputation you are trying to create.

5. The website has to look professional.

This is an important one: In e-commerce, all the customer can go by is the appearance of a website. While it is cheaper to hire an amateur designer, the result will most likely not be sending out the right message. Once the site is up it is important to keep the topics professional even if it represents a small business. Personal photos do not belong anywhere on your professional website. Displaying photos from your recent fishing trip on your business website can hurt your branding efforts. 


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