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September 14, 2009


The internet and more specifically Google, has turned into the most popular source of information in the Western world for a number of reasons. Most of us own a computer or a smart phone that could take a query and answer it in seconds, accordingly convenience is a top reason. We no longer have to walk to the library to look something up or call the movie theater for show times we simply search online. The reason searching online is so effective is because it also provides us with accurate information in most cases. As perceptive Internet users, we are becoming better at separating the good and mostly accurate content we find from the junk.

Because search engines constantly index new material on the web, we keep turning to them in the hopes of finding the most relevant information out there. We search potential dates and employers to get an initial understanding of whom we are dealing with and so does everyone else.  

People work hard to present themselves in the most professional way possible on resumes. Employers however, often turn to the internet in order to search for things people would leave out of a resume. An online background check could either validate the claims made on the resume or at times expose the potential employer to a side of the applicant that he or she did not want to present.

People do not fully realize that they have control over their Google CV. “Googling” yourself is no longer the act of vanity but a personal responsibility one has to accept in order to tackle any negative results that may come up. Creating a LookupPage with background information about you could easily become a positive result an employer would find at the top of Google and other major search engines.  


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