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September 23, 2009

LookupPage Statistics Page

We all know that having a LookupPage enhances the online visibility of businesses and professionals. Premium subscribers have access to comprehensive analysis that allows them to monitor when and how many views their LookupPage receives as well as other valuable metrics. The statistics tool can determine what country, city and IP address the search originated from as well as what the search term was. It can also indicate what website or search engine referred the traffic over to the respective LookupPage. 

This data is vital for anyone who is trying to improve the online visibility of a business or a brand since it can determine where the interest originates. This is beneficial because targeting becomes cheaper and more effective as a result of focusing a campaign at a smaller more engaged audience. Leads and conversions are easier to track with LookupPage statistics; once again providing the decision makers with data that will help determine a marketing approach in the future. The LookupPage statistic tool is effective because it allows users to make decisions based on actual metrics. 

Free LookupPage subscribers are welcome to view their statistics up to 3 times at no cost, so if you have not yet tried LookupPage statistics we encourage you to have a look at this useful feature. In order to view your statistics all you have to do is login to LookupPage and click on the view statistics button.

LookupPage Basic and Professional users enjoy unlimited access to the statistics tool. Upgrade your account today so you can benefit from it as well!


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