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September 21, 2009


In the same way that people should monitor their Google CV, it is also imperative to pay attention to the results of a Google Image search for one’s name or brand.  People Google themselves quite often these days, and paying attention to what comes up in image search could potentially turn up negative results. This can be a bad photo or an image that is defamatory. If someone has tagged you in photos that you do not like on Facebook, you have the option of removing that tag. On Google search it is harder to remove an image from the results page but it is certainly not impossible. 

Why is there image search to begin with?

The short answer for this question is “because there is a market for it“. Google is extremely aware of what its customers want. If a certain celebrity is searched on Google and his image results gets many clicks, the ranking for the image results will most probably be in the first results page.

As of today, the bright minds at Google are still experimenting with facial recognition software. For the time being, any images found on Google for the term “Albert Einstein” for example show up there because they were given Alt tags as photos of Einstein. The way to decrease the importance of an image that you are not fond of is to publish new positive ones and to tag them the very same way so in turn they would seem more updated and relevant to the search engine.

Is posting the new image in several places important?

Yes!  Diversification of origins for the new photos will improve the likelihood of quick indexing by the search engines. Using Picasa is great but from our experience, Google gives a lot of credit to Flickr (despite the fact that Yahoo owns it). Other places that would certainly be indexed on a regular basis are LinkedIn and LookupPage. As both are geared for professionals, their algorithm is set on taking the image one would post in their professional profiles seriously.


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