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September 17, 2009

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It has been reported earlier this year that Twitter is growing at a rate of 1,382%.

With more businesses and professionals using Twitter than ever before, search for the term “Retweet” has grown immensely.

What does it mean to retweet? To quote Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group, within the Twitter community a "Retweet" is a social gesture indicating endorsement of an idea. It also displays the power of word of mouth. We are more likely to pay attention to recommendations or ideas generated by our friends and colleagues than to information presented to us by strangers. A retweet coming from someone you know is more likely to get your attention.

How do you get people to retweet your stuff?

The absolute best way is to come up with content that will impress your reader. In late August, we wrote a case study about the lacking online reputation management of KFC restaurants. This blog post generated thousands of views in the following days. It also has been retweeted as late as two weeks after its publication.

Another way to increase the probability of a retweet is to engage in endorsing ideas that people who follow you post on Twitter by retweeting them. This is a form of “what goes around – comes around”. By paying respects to content they have put up online you could create a reciprocal relationship in which they promote your tweets.

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