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September 09, 2009

Negative Results George Bush would rather not see

This needs to be said right off the bat, removing negative results from Google immediately is close to impossible unless you have a positive personal connection with the site that is publishing this negative content about you or your business.

Negative results on search engines are something that both professionals and businesses have to deal with regularly.  It is very simple nowadays for anyone to express online his or her unhappiness with a service or a product. People turn to websites such as Ripoff Report for this precise reason; they want to learn from other people’s mistakes in order to avoid them. Just as easily, anyone can use his or her blog to vent about the cold cup of coffee he was served in the morning or about the plumber being two hours late.  

A company or a service that has many happy clients can easily be subjected to a bad review from a competitor or a disgruntled employee, what is one to do when a negative result ruins a perfectly good online reputation? 

Google credits relevancy and considers timeliness of content as extremely important element. If a Google bot scans the web and finds new and relevant content, that content has a good chance of ranking high on search results. Creating a new company profile and submitting it for indexing in a website that improves online visibility is a great start for pushing a negative result out of the first results page. A positive review of a genuine client can also rank above a bad review of a different client provided the content is fitting and fresh. Generally speaking, our recommendation is to fight the bad press by adding as much positive, new, original and relevant content about you and your company and linking between that content.

In our recently published a blog post titled 3 Ways to Change How your Business shows up on Search Results, you will find more ways for coming up with content that will rank high on search engines and will ultimately make a negative result obsolete. 


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