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October 29, 2009

Marketing professionals do not often agree whole-heartedly with each other. One thing they would most certainly see eye to eye on is the importance of finding and targeting an engaged audience. Because the internet is practically endless in size, it is often difficult to find the exact audience that is interested in  what you have to say or the goods and services you wish to market on the web.

Twitter has become immensely popular in the past year and more businesse are using Twitter as a tool for improving their online presence as well as a networking mechanism. In order for a business to gain an engaged audience both in Twitter and in other social networks across the web, it needs to position itself within specific categories. Doing so would result in increased interaction with prospective clientele.

WeFollow is the invention of Digg founder Kevin Rose. It is a user directory for Twitter that allows each person or business listed in it to list themselves on the directory under five categories of interests and to include a location in the listing as well. Here at LookupPage, we are listed in WeFollow under the categories of Personal Branding, SEO, Google, Reputation and SEO expert. We feel that these categories represent some of the things we do extremely well online.    

WeFollow is very user friendly when it comes to tracking potential new followers, similarly to the way Digg lists the most popular stories in descending order, WeFollow lists each category separately with the most popular users for each topic in descending order, where the popularity of each user is determined based on the relevancy of his followers to the category (read more here). If you are already signed into your twitter account, adding new people to the list of whom you follow is easy as pie. 


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