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October 21, 2009

In a recent blog post on the official Google blog, a blogger was addressing her issues with a photo of that she does not like and that has been posted online years ago and now comes up on image search for her name. We recently addressed how to remove embarrassing images from Google search, and what we suggested is in line with what Google is offering.

The blogger who was writing the piece and discussing what is essentially an online reputation problem is a Google employee . What is unique about the situation is that up to this point, Google did not officially discuss their policy with regards to people proactively handling and improving their reputation on the web. This is news because no one outside of Google really knew where they stood on the issue of online reputation management.

Google essentially says that if a professional or a business cannot have a negative result removed by contacting the webmaster of the site or appeasing a disgruntled client that wishes to harm the reputation of the business, then he or she should create positive results on the web for themselves. These results would come up on search and eventually (and hopefully) will cause the negative result to rank lower.

In the past, we have discussed many ways in which businesses and professionals can achieve better web visibility and control their Google CV. Google is reinforcing these ideas by telling people to be proactive when it comes to their online image. Google recommends countering negative results with positive ones. Some of the reputation tips include asking satisfied customers to reply to negative criticism online and creating an online profile with links to a company website over all improving the ranking for both results.  LookupPage is a great option for improving the web visibility of a professional or a business, and you can check out the LookupPage premium solutions which guarantee first page results on Google, the world’s most popular search engine.


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