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October 22, 2009

 The National Football league recently made headlines when it forbade the use of Twitter by journalists in the press box and by players during games. The NFL is making an effort to protect the organizations that have paid millions in order to have exclusive rights to report play-by-play accounts of each game. Threatening professional athletes with fines and suspensions for staying away from their jobs is understandable, asking journalists to not report what is going on in front of their eyes is unintelligent. 


Movie studios and record companies have tried to restrain technology in order to maintain their current business model and have failed miserably; it is unclear why the NFL feels that they would be successful where so many have failed before. In a recent blog post, we discussed why twitter is an effective tool for business. We feel that twitter is an excellent medium to engage an audience that is already interested and to interact further with this audience. Because Twitter has grown so much recently, it has become a great tool for building an online presence. If the NFL feels that people are less likely to listen to the game on the radio or buy season tickets just because there are play-by-play tweets online, they are simply mistaken. Twitter is providing the NFL (or almost any business for that matter) a great service.

The LookupPage Twitter account allows us to inform our audience in real time what we are dealing with. Professionals and businesses that are interested in online branding and visibility follow us because they know we provide relevant content ourselves and when we run across relevant content someone else came up with, we publish that as well while giving credit to the author. This is a great way to remain up-to-date, give people what they want and make sure they will stick with you. Try to restrain the flow of information now and you may find yourself losing business.


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