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October 15, 2009

In online branding, we spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to send the right message. It is imperative for both businesses and professionals to position themselves online as an authority in their field of choice. When attempting to establish credibility online we often focus more on content and less on the very first impression we make. When executives need to choose one professional over another and the candidates are not physically in front of them, they often go back to each candidate's Google results in order to compare and contrast.

An appropriate photo, along with a business logo, contributes significantly to the first impression that is made over the internet. When researching a professional on the web people initially look for an image and a short bio. The fact of the matter is that a picture is worth a thousands words and in the world of online branding it is no different.

A professional image should be exactly that, a photo, preferably a headshot that is fitting for the profession. The idea is for the picture to present the subject in a natural and confident manner. This image is important because it will be associated with any interaction the professional will be making online.

In addition to a professional photo, a business logo is essential because it is an additional visual aid that helps formulate a professional image. An enhanced profile that has both a professional photo and a logo looks more professional and is more likely to create a positive response. Not including a business logo on a professional profile can be perceived as lack of attention to detail, equivalent to a business card with no logo. Ehud Furman's LookupPage is a great example of a page that has both a professional photo and a business logo.

LookupPage Pro subscribers have the distinct advantage of presenting a professional photo and a business logo on their LookupPage. Pro members also enjoy top rankings on the LookupPage Directory where their logo shows up as well, increasing their traffic significantly.

To update your professional image and upload a business logo:

  1. Signup / Login to your account
  2. For uploading a professional image, click update "My Personal Details". 
  3. For uploading a business logo, click update "My Business details". 
  4. Choose a file to upload and click save. 

If you are a Pro user, add a link to your business website which will be associated with your business logo. 


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