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October 18, 2009

When Duct Tape Marketing founder John Jantsch was asked about the effects twitter has on his business he replied:

(1) “I get great insight when I ask questions, (2) let’s face it, I get traffic and (3) people on Twitter spread my thoughts to new places.”

Twitter for business

We want to congratulate John for this answer. He is essentially hitting the nail on the head. It is simple enough to follow people and businesses you respect on Twitter, and if you run a legit operation most of them would follow you right back. Being able to address Twitterville with valid questions and receiving the opinions of respected professionals as a response, constitutes a great resource for feedback. All that is expected of you in return, is to follow basic courtesy rules and to get involved when being asked for your opinion as the interaction is reciprocal.

When it comes to traffic, Twitter takes the ordinary website and blog to the next level; people who introduce valuable content often get recognition by gaining more followers. The reason for that is once people realize that they have been exposed to valuable content, they do not want to risk missing the next great article.  

When a solid following has been built on Twitter, the business that is being followed could engage in self-promotion for marketing purposes. It is vital to do so carefully, so that followers would still find value in the content they are being provided and would not be deterred from remaining a follower.

When people feel that they gained important knowledge from one person’s tweets they go on and redistribute that information and that is called a Retweet. More often than not, the person who introduced the content to begin with gets the credit and gains additional followers. 

Many businesses would attest that although conversions cannot always be linked directly a specific tweet, the microblog is capable of significantly adding to the growth of a brand. Twitter makes the connection between customers and the business less formal, much faster and a lot of fun.

And let’s not forget the SEO value of a twitter account. Twitter enables you to add a link to business website, the more popular your twitter page is, the larger the amount of incoming links it will generate. This will enhance the search engine importance of your twitter page as well as your business website.

Here at LookupPage, we tweet quite a bit. We use Twitter to share content that we find valuable on issues such as online branding, web visibility and online reputation management. We also highlight our own blog posts on Twitter.Become a follower of LookupPage on Twitter now! 


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Good blog post , I think Twitter can generate leads and it is up to the main website to convert but it most certainly helps in opening lines of communication among businesses and professionals

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