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November 09, 2009

Lets actually start with hat a Ripoff report is, a rip off report is an online service that is meant to protect consumers from fraud both online and offline. People can air out their grievances against companies,  individuals they feel have wronged them. Ripoff report is counting on generating bad publicity for the scammer so that people who go through the Google Resume of that business or individual would be red from doing business with someone who has bad online reputation.


Why is a rip off report dangerous to a business?

Ripoffreport.com gets a lot of credit from major search engines including Google, not so much for its reliability but more so for the abundance of fresh content it offers. The fact that it is a user generated content website and well-built in terms of SEO, pretty much guarantees that the content presented on the site will grow on a regular basis “forcing” search engines to index the site several times a day as they attempt to stay up to date. 

If a negative report is filed under a certain business name, there is a good chance that this result would appear when people search for that business online. If more than one report is filed against a business, it will create additional negative results. The potential for ripoffreport.com to tarnish a brand is rather extensive

Can competing businesses use rip off report against each other?

Yes they can, additionally a quick read through the Ripoff report Wikipedia entry will reveal that ripoffreport.com is rather controversial. There are allegations against the site that claim that businesses who wish to respond to a negative report are forced to pay large consulting fees for a chance to reply to negative charges on the site.

How does Google react to the growing criticism of sites such as Rioffreport.com?

Google says that it does not police the web and only provides a search engine that is effective at translating what is out there. The recommendations of Matt Cutts include contacting the management of the site in an attempt to remove negative results and creating new positive results for the search engine to take into consideration.

What can a professional or a business do to minimize the damages of a rip off report?

Search engines love fresh content. A new profile for a business or positive testimonials about a service will receive indexation by a search engines if they are presented correctly. The use of social media tools such as Twitter is also likely to improve the reputation of a business as it is currently getting a lot of credit from Google.


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