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November 02, 2009

A large percentage of people and businesses compete online with one another not only for web visibility but for traffic as well. Traffic to a website is similar to foot traffic in a store, the more people visit a store the higher the likelihood someone might make a purchase. Similarly, a website that places ads on its pages will most likely make more money on clicks if it generates higher traffic to the site, provided the ads are appropriate for the audience who views them. 

In the same fashion that people will not spend any time or money, attending a lecture on a topic they do not care for, internet users will attempt to avoid wasting their time on content that is of no interest to them. There is simply too much out there that people genuinely care about, in order to spend time on anything that draws no immediate interest.

Search engine bots are programmed to evaluate many aspects of a website upon crawling it. One thing a robot could determine immediately is whether the content it is going through is unique or not. A website that is presenting unique content is likely to rank higher than a similar website that is showing duplicate content the bot has previously encountered.

Because of how easy it is for a search engine to make a distinction between original content and content that was lifted, people who create unique content online can reap the rewards of their hard work. Generating unique and relevant content often means ranking high on Google in organic search. This is something that cannot be bought and often takes a lot of work to establish.

A valuable blog post or a unique Youtube video can generate a significant amount of traffic and considerably enhance the web visibility of the originator of the content. It only takes one great piece of content to get people to pay attention, if people like what they see they may become regular visitors.


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