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November 18, 2009


Twitter is testing out a new way for all of us to retweet the content we like. In the video at the bottom of the post, Chris Voss reviews the new feature that will soon be available to all Twitter users.

The new retweet button tracks who has retweeted your content and allows you to see it within the original tweet. It also saves you time by  presenting any tweets mentioning your name at the top of the screen as they occur so you no longer have to refresh the page or click on @yourname.

LookupPage was invited along for the beta testing of the new Retweet buttons and here are our reactions:

  1. While we agree that the button completes the task of re-tweeting extremely fast, we wish we still had control over the message itself. Up until now, we could shrink the original message and insert something of our own into the retweet whether it is our opinion or summary. The new feature only allows for   a retweet of the entire message as is.
  1. It is fair to assume people are going to be happy with the ability to hide someone else’s retweets. This is similar to an option that has long been around in Facebook If someone retweets a lot and you want a break from seeing them in your timeline, a single click will hide that person’s retweets all together.

Twitter is an excellent tool that helps quite a bit with establishing an online brand and generating business leads. LookupPage Blog has recently explored quite a few  aspects of twitter use that you are welcome to read:

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