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December 17, 2009

Wordpress  If you follow several blogs or even read a blog post every now and then there is a good chance that Wordpress was used in the process of publishing the content you are reading. Wordpress is an open source blog publishing application that is being used on more than 202 million websites around the world. People love to voice their opinions and one way to do that online is by blogging. When it comes to establishing an online presence, a sure fire way to get a Google ranking for your name would be to keep a blog.

The main reason people are drawn to use Wordpress for their blog is the simplicity of use that it offers. Another element that is taken into consideration with Wordpress is how big and popular it has become. Bloggers are interested in improved SEO – search engine optimization for their content. More traffic could mean money in their pocket from the sales of ads or simply the satisfaction of knowing that more people in cyberspace are connecting with what you have to say. 

Google bots are not in the business of missing new and fresh content so Google will not overlook a platform used by millions of users provided unique content is added to each blog on a regular basis. In other words, when people create a web site out of thin air they are often required to submit the site to Google for indexing. This is not necessary when creating a new blog on Wordpress. Google bots will index a new Wordpress blog because it was created on Wordpress and will continue to do so as long as new content is posted frequently. 

Google strives to find the most relevant content possible for every search. This also means that the search engine bots are looking for different types of content. We all receive video and image results for our queries for a reason, people actually clicking on them; otherwise Google would not be presenting them at all. Because Google is looking for anything relevant, it is taking into consideration just about any type of file in cyberspace as long as it relevant to the search query. Blogs in general are very relevant. They are often personal and are updated on a regular basis. A WordPress blog has the potential of ranking extremely high in a person’s Google CV  provided the blog is updated frequently.


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