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February 16, 2010

Google Image Management

Once you’ve started to get your Google CV under control, you’ll want to also look at the results that come up on Google Image and Google Video searches. These results may be radically different from your traditional Google CV search, and the last thing you want to show up on an image or video search is an unflattering or embarrassing picture or clip of you. 

The easiest way to get rid of an undesirable image or video is to push it off of the first page of results by getting other images or videos to replace it. While eventually Google and other search engines will use facial recognition software to automatically tag images and videos, for now they rely on things like the Alt and Title tags of an image, and surrounding text. In order to make images you choose come up first, simply rely on tags that hit the keywords you are targeting. 

The great thing about both images and video is that there are a number of free, high-relevance sites you can upload your media files to, and these services all have built in tools to tag the media with the key words and phrases you want. Sites such as Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and LookupPage are all great places to post images and videos that reflect well on your online reputation. 

Best of all, Google and other engines tend to weight newer content more highly than older content. That means that if you post a new image or video with the same keywords as an old image or video you want to get rid of, Google will tend to rank your new media more highly than the old. It therefore doesn’t take too much effort to clean up your Google video and image legacy online.

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