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February 26, 2010

Keyword management, strong title selection, and good semantic tagging will only get your site so far in

Web Links

terms of search engine results. Ultimately, the cornerstone of any good search engine strategy is link building – strong and topical inbound links to your site from other high-relevance sites will do wonders for your search engine placement across all of your keywords. There are many different ways to gain inbound links, and many of the most effective are actually free or cost very little. These are a few of the easiest, and most effective, way to build your links.

Commenting on Other Blogs and Forums

One of the easiest ways to garner links without spending a penny is to simply become active on other blogs and forums that are topical to your subject. Whenever you leave a comment on a blog you should have the option to include a URL, which will point to your site from every comment you leave. In forum posting you will be able to include a signature, which can feature a link to your site. In both of these cases, take care not to be seen as a spammer – make topical responses to the posts or threads, and don’t actively promote your site, just let the link sit there.

Registering for Pages

There are countless sites out there which allow you to create a profile that can include a link to your site. Many of these sites, such as Facebook, Flickr, or LinkedIn, are free, and also have high search engine relevance. Others, such as LookupPage, are built specifically to improve your search engine ranking. These pages act not only as a source of inbound links to your page, but also as reputation management pages, allowing you to create another node in search engine results with content about your brand that you control. 

Including a Blogroll

Other blogs can be a great source of inbound links, as they can be highly topical, and often hold quite a bit of sway with search engines like Google. A blogroll, which generally sits in the sidebar of your blog, allows you to link to blogs you like or have a relationship with. These blogs, in turn, will link back to your site. There are services available which can help put you in touch with good blog matches, or you can simply contact the operators of blogs you think would be a good fit and offer to trade links on one another’s blogrolls.

Writing Guest Posts

One excellent way to get an inbound link from a higher-profile blog or informational site is to contribute a feature to that site. This will give you the opportunity to write in your area of expertise, demonstrating to their readers why they might want to visit your site, but will also give you a valuable inbound link. Even once your feature is off of the front page and buried deep in the archives, the inbound link will remain, and continue to help with your search engine relevance.

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