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February 23, 2010

Twitter Reputation Management

Twitter is an incredibly powerful tool not only for getting the word out about your personal brand, but also for tracking discussion about your brand, be it your business or yourself, online. Millions of users are constantly tweeting away about everything imaginable, and sometimes their tweets will be about you or  your business. Learning to track Twitter can not only help you understand what your clients are looking for, but also identify any problems they might be having. Recognizing and fixing these problems immediately, without even having to be contacted, is an incredible strength.

Twitter Monitoring Services

There are many different Twitter monitoring services out there, but one of the most effective, and completely free, services is Monitter. The interface for Monitter is robust, but can be used simply by entering your brand name into one of the three search bars. A long list of every tweet using that phrase will then appear, and it will auto-refresh roughly in real time. 

Using Monitter to the Max


To truly leverage Monitter, however, you’ll want to take advantage of the fact that it has a built in RSS feed for every search. This means that you can integrate Monitter with an RSS feeder to effectively be updated every 90 seconds on any new tweets that reference your brand. This is an incredibly effective way to manage your online reputation, as it allows you to catch problems as they arise and address them quickly and efficiently.

Monitter has many other features as well, including widgets that you can embed into your site. This means that any tweets that reference your brand will be immediately replicated on your own site, giving your customers a central place to view information about you as it comes in off the wire. And while Monitter is free, it still offers a wide range of robust features.

CoTweet Advanced Keyword Monitoring


A more extensive Twitter monitoring suite can be found in CoTweet, a platform built for businesses to interact with their customer bases. CoTweet allows you to build an account that constantly tracks a large number of keywords and phrases, so that you can catch every possible mention of your brand. CoTweet can then send you updates in many different ways, and at the frequency you request. CoTweet can be used with multiple accounts, and in addition to Twitter monitoring features it includes the ability to schedule tweets, thread conversations, and a number of other functions to help you more seamlessly manage your Twitter reputation. 

Successful Brand Monitoring

By using one of these, or any of the other free Twitter monitor services available, you will be able to keep a close eye on your presence on Twitter. This is important for everyone from the small personal brand to the manager of a large company, as it allows you to take care of small problems before they become large, and to shape your online reputation actively.

Interacting with your users, clients, and potential customers via Twitter means more than just waiting for them to tweet you directly, it means being proactive in solving their issues and reaching out to contact them after they express an interest in your brand. With a good Twitter monitor service and reputation management sites like LookUpPage, you will have the tools you need to always be well informed and to continue improving your reputation online.

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