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April 14, 2010

One of the issues when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) brand management is how to overcome bad press released onto the news websites. Such negative press may find its way to top ranked positions on the leading search engines for product and company names, so if and when this does happen, what can be done to combat such situations? It is possible to push down the ranking of negative comments on all search engines and here are some top tips on how to achieve this through good online reputation management:

1. Compile a list of your search keywords - including common misspellings and abbreviations. Keep in mind that people often shorten brand names when communicating via the social web, such as sites like Twitter who only allow a specific number of characters in each update.

2. Be active on online forums and any other websites which offer you the chance to post your profile. Always make sure that your profile name corresponds to the search term you wish to promote, and that you can fully control the content on that website.

3. Organize a Skype interview or Podcast relating to the search term. It is important to make sure that the client interviews in the most positive of terms and that the interviewer posts online to as many different websites as possible.

4. Create a Google alert for your targeted search term and Google will send you a message every time your keyword is searched.

5. Write articles and press releases around the subject matter you wish to promote - make sure you upload them to networking sites likely to bring traffic and attention to your search term.

In other words, utilize all and every online opportunity to promote your search term and keywords.

Using the services of LookupPage will not only ensure that your online presence is strengthened but for a minimum cost, you can enjoy your own personal domain to be promoted on the first page of all major search engines. For example search for "Oxford Car Service" on Google to see an example page.

To start benefiting from this upgraded service follow these simple steps:

1.     Sign up to LookupPage.
2.     Click the "My Account" tab.
3.     Click on "Upgrade/ Renew your Subscription" link.
4.     Choose the "Pro" package and purchase.

Now start to manage your online reputation for a safer and more confident future!


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