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April 22, 2010

Online profiles are a powerful tool in managing one’s online reputation. Because many of the sites that allow users to create their own profiles are well established, with a great deal of weight with search engines, the short amount of time it takes to set up a personal profile can be an incredibly efficient way to get a listing on the first page of search engine results, assisting in managing one’s brand.

Amazon.com Profile

Amazon.com is one of the most trusted sites on the internet, from the perspective of search engines. It has literally hundreds of millions of links pouring in from across the web, updates constantly, and has been around since 1994. It’s hard to imagine a more search-engine lucrative site, and thankfully all of this power can be used to help manage one’s online reputation.

The site actually gives users a number of different ways to get their name on a page, making it ideal for online reputation management. The easiest way is to create a personal profile. Users can create a profile under their Real Name or under a Pen Name; in either case the user’s identity will be verified by using a credit card, helping to guard against identity theft.

To create a profile, one need only log in, and click the Your Profile button underneath the upper search bar. The profile features the real name prominently, as a page title, a header tag, and as many times as one wishes to list it in the content of the page. This, combined with Amazon’s search engine weight , makes it an ideal vehicle for optimization to grab a first page listing for reputation management. A link can also be attached to the profile, giving a strong inbound link to another site used for reputation management.

LookupPage Profile

LookupPage is another excellent site that can be used to build a front-page listing for reputation management. Unlike Amazon and many other older sites, LookupPage is actively designed to get listings on the first page of Google for their clients. This means that a LookupPage profile is optimized explicitly for this purpose, and has an extremely high probability of yielding a front page result.

A LookupPage profile features not only personal information, but also links to sites of the client’s choosing. The service also includes analytics so that users can see what searches led visitors to the profile page, how many arrived, and other important data to help analyze what people are looking for.

Finally, LookupPage offers a Pro level which includes a number of premium features. These include inclusion in a LookupPage directory, a direct messaging system, and a higher level of optimization.

Social Media Profiles

Virtually any modern social media site allows users to create profile pages of varying degrees of comprehensiveness and be used for online reputation management. Even at their most minimal, these pages still allow for multiple listings of a person’s name, and at more advanced levels they may allow extensive bios, embedded links, and more, all helping one to better manage their online reputation.

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