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May 24, 2010

Online reputation management has become a cornerstone of any successful online endeavor, and even those who aren’t actively doing business online find themselves in need of reputation management to ensure they don’t miss out on job opportunities or lose existing jobs on the basis of negative publicity. It can be a confusing world, and moves at such a quick pace that many people find themselves overwhelmed rapidly. While a simple Google search every few days can provide a great deal of insight, for a truly secure online reputation most people opt to use a dedicated monitoring service or reputation management company. These services have a number of distinct benefits.

1. Cover a Range of Key Phrases and Keywords

When people are searching by hand, they tend to search for only one or two relevant phrases to their brand, since it is time consuming and annoying to repeatedly do searches. A dedicated online monitoring service will allow you to create a large list of keywords and key phrases, and all of the results will then conveniently be displayed in one place.

2. Receive Real-Time Updates

Sometimes even a few days can be enough for a bad piece of publicity to do some serious damage. With an online monitoring service you’ll find out immediately anytime anything changes, so that you can start doing damage control right away. The importance of this level of fast response cannot be over-emphasized.

3. Search Many Different Networks

While a simple Google search is a great start to discovering what your online brand looks like, the truth is there are plenty of other search engines out there, and many site-specific engines as well. A good online monitoring service will check not only major search engines, but also sites like Flickr, YouTube, and Twitter to help you monitor your brand anywhere on the internet.

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