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May 02, 2010

Anyone involved in online reputation management has likely used Google Alerts – it is one of the most robust free services available, and is a great help in monitoring key brand words to know immediately when new relevant content becomes available. Unfortunately, Google Alerts isn’t quite as fine tuned as most webmasters would wish it to be, and as a result it is often not used to its full potential. AlertRank doesn’t fix every problem with Google Alerts, but it goes a long way towards making it much more functional service.

Getting set up with AlertRank is quite simple. A webmaster makes an account with them, which in turn creates an email address @alertrank.com. They then change the email address at Google Alerts to that special address, so that all alerts are sent to the service, where they can then be processed according to much more specific criteria than Google Alerts itself allows for. Reputation management companies use this technique as well as others to monitor personal and corporate brands.

One of the most useful things AlertRank does completely seamlessly is add a great deal of useful data to each alert. Rather than a simple list of sites which feature a webmaster’s watched keywords, AlertRank lists the sites with important SEO data. Each page is given an AlertRank based on the site’s Google PageRank, number of inbound links, Alexa rank, and a wide range of features such as comments (for blog posts), Delicious bookmarks, and more.

In addition to this comprehensive rank, AlertRank also breaks all this data out into an easy-to-read column layout, so that webmasters can easily analyze the relevance of each site that includes their key phrases. These comprehensive reports can be sent at whatever interval is desired, as either a PDF or as an Excel spreadsheet, allowing for listed sites to be sorted based on various criteria, such as inbound links or Google PR.


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