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June 16, 2010

Today, most people have several online identities online and in different social networks like LinkedIn, facebook, LookupPage and Twitter among others. However, many people rarely make the effort to effectively connect their online identities -- making their online identity appear incomplete and disconnected. Today, we’ll share with you some tips about how you can connect your online identities not only to improve your reputation, but also to help you build your network.


Blogs are a great way to improve your reputation. Writing articles, or having a ghost writer, produce relevant content for search engines means that new people who are interested in the same areas and interests as you will be able to find you and your work easily online. If you consistently update your blog, two to three times a week, you’ll be able to maintain momentum and continue to draw new readers to your blog.

However, the power of blogs doesn’t stop there. Today, blogs severe as a extended business card where people can google your personal and company brand and find additional information about you online. In addition, a blog should be connected to your other online identities, for example facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, so that readers of your blogs have a casual way to get to know you a bit more intimately.

Social Networks

Social networks are a great place for you to connect with new people and improve your online reputation. While facebook used to be a social network for real friends to connect, today it’s become much more professional and even serves as a micro-blogging platform for many high profile personal brands.

For people who are a part of more than one social network, facebook allows you to add the urls of additional websites that you are a part of so that your facebook friends can connect with you on other social networks like LookupPage, LinkedIn, Flickr and others.  By connecting your online identities it makes it easier for people to find you and follow up with you online -- expanding your network and building your brand across the web.


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