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June 28, 2010

Traditional Media vs. Online Reputation Management

Years ago, companies and high profile individuals hired public relations representatives to make sure that their messages were getting out to the public via the print press. Being someone’s PR representative was a tough job, you had to be well connected to media personal and shmooze with them on a regular basis in order to get your stories published.

Today everyone has the ability to publish their stories online for the whole world to see in a just a few minutes. And while that is a tremendous new power that companies and high profile individuals are discovering, it’s still important that you incorporate the wisdom from PR professionals.

Write About Events and Happenings

Keep your readers up to date on the different events and appearances related to you, your company and your brand. Post photos, videos and captions, share related articles on your PR blog -- keep the conversation going and keep your brand in people’s minds. This is the best way to make headway with your blog, to connect and create new fans and followers and most importantly, to make sure you message is getting out.

Keep Up with Comments

Before you launch your blog, you need to decide if you’re going to let people comment. Some people are afraid that comments will open the conversation up to negative feedback, however disabling comments and cutting off the conversation can be even worse because it doesn’t give you the opportunity to communicate with your fans or followers. Consider opening your comments, moderating them and responding effectively when necessary.

Let Fans / Critiques Connect with You

Connect your readers to your other online identities -- perhaps your facebook fan page, LookupPage profile, or Twitter account. No matter what it is, make sure that your readers can leave the blog and visit another place that supports your brand.

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