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July 20, 2010


Today facebook reached over 500 million users -- that means half a billion people are now on facebook posting, sharing and profiling. Even though individuals can only have up to 3,000 friends before they are forced to open a fan page, facebook profiles are still is one of the most effective places to establish your personal brand -- if you know how to use it effectively.

Setting Up Your Facebook Profile Pro Style

By this time, most everyone (500 million people to be precise) knows how to set up a facebook profile, put up their picture and basic information. However, one of the most important features people often miss is the little box under your picture that you can put links in. This little box is one of the first thing that visitors to your facebook page will see so it’s important to put the most important information there -- for example your website address, twitter contact or maybe just your title.

Segmenting Your Friends To Created Targeted Groups

Another way to make sure that your facebook profile is optimized for professional use is to segment your friends into related groups. For example, you might have one group of family contacts, another of clients and a third group of co-workers. Keeping these groups of people separated will not only help you remember your connection to people, but will help you determine what type of content to share with them based on your privacy settings.

Picking Your Content Carefully

There is so much content on facebook that sometimes friends can be overloaded. It’s important to pick your content carefully and to post it at the right time. In the morning, most people check facebook as well as around 4pm when the boredom sets in at work. If you want your friends to respond to what you post, make sure you know what type of content they like to consume and when is the best time to post it. Keep in mind that people can only consume so much content, so inundating them with more than two or three posts a day can cause people to either tune you out or hide you in their news feed.

Get Your News to the Top of the News Feed

If you want your items to get to the top of people’s news feeds, one of the best ways is to respond to comments and engage other people in discussion. The more comments you have, the more likely your content is to get to the top of the news feed. Luckily, unlike blogs, facebook comments are more likely to be tame because they are connected to people’s real identities.
However, if their are comments that you think are out of line, you can easily delete them or respond to them in an effective way. For the most part, since this is your community, you’re likely to have other friends that will side with you and support you in confronting people who comment out of line and in the worst case, you can hire a reputation management professional to help you get your message across.


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