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August 19, 2010

If you want to get your brand and your company out to the public and potential clients or customers, you have to develop a successful outreach plan. Outreach plans are different depending on your goals, however all outreach plans have one thing in common -- they have a goal and a pathway to get there. For the purpose of this article, we're going to give you a basic outreach plan that you can use with any of your projects.

Articulate Your Objectives

The first step, is to articulate your objectives. What is your goal? For most people, it's important to get your main message, your logo and your contact information online and on to the screens of a targeted group of people for starters. You should know what you want to say and who you want to reach to be most effective.

Start Building Virtual Infrastructure 

The next step is going to be to build your virtual infrastructure. A website might be further down the line, but you can start pushing your brand and your business with a simple facebook page,LookupPage profile or other virtual profile. This will help get your brand and your business into Google search engines quickly, build your Google CV and provide a way for people to become familiar with your company and get your contact information.

Establish Your Home Base

The next step is to establish your virtual home base. Today, it's easy to create a Wordpress or Typepad blog, among others, and most websites are built on blogging content management systems. You can either purchase a domain name, or use one of the subdomain names that many blogging systems give out for free. This will give you a place to continue to build your virtual presence and give you a further professional virtual presence and reputation.

Connect Your Network to Your Home Base

After you've established your home base and a presence in a social network, you will want to start collecting the contacts that you've made -- from facebook, from your email contacts and other related networks. Building an email list will make it easy in the future, as your contacts grow, to keep in contact with your potential clients and customers and keep them updated about your business or personal brand as it grows. You can sign up for several online email campaign managers like Constant Contact, AWeber and MailChimp, to help you manage your lists and eventually, segement them depending on your relationships and your targets.


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