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August 28, 2010

As we've seen before, there is immense power to strengthen your brand and reputation by holding a virtual press conference. Now, entertainment is taking social media and virtual outreach to a new level by making the Emmy Awards social. As Mashable reported earlier this week, the 2010 Emmy Awards will be equipped with Twitter, UStream and yfrog to bring a virtual real-time experience to audiences world-wide. But what are the elements that can make this event a success?

1. Live Twitter Messages

The Host Jimmy Fallon is going to be receiving live tweets during the Emmys -- making him accessible to thousands of fans who want to ask questions or chime in about their opinions of the Emmy awards. Fallon may then use these tweets during his introductions and bring virtual commentary to the Emmy awards, making it more democratic than ever before. In addition, NBC will also be taking requests for red carpet inquires via Twitter and reaching out to celebs that virtual viewers want to hear from right on the red carpet.

2. Live Back Stage Cameras

Want to know what's going on backstage? NBC and CBS are going to have live cameras set up so that viewers will always know what's going on behind the scenes. This adds a unique element to the show, taking the stage behind stage and allowing for everyone to have a back stage pass to all the action. The network hosts hope that this will increase their ratings and encourage people to visit their websites, becoming more familiar with their brand and finding new ways to love the Emmys.

3. Real Time Red Carpet

In addition to having the ability to Tweet to the red carpet, fans and show hosts at the red carpet will have an online place where they can share their pictures and videos of all the stars decked out and glamorous on the red carpet. This will also provide a place where people can comment about their favorite stars dress and vote if what they are wearing is "hot" or "not" -- another way to bring democracy and participation to the Emmys that's never been seen before.

The goal of this new social media Emmy Award strategy is to engage fans in a new way. Today, many network televisions are finding that their views are down and that people are more likely to tune in online than on the television. This has led them to change their engagement strategy and to involve their fans in creating the Emmys. This type of strategy can also be used at events for your business or personal brand, meetings and conferences to give your customers and potential clients more ways to interact with you and participate virtually. Since so many businesses today are based online, it’s important that you find ways to reach your base and to give them an experience with your virtual reputation and brand no matter where they may be in the world.


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