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September 09, 2010

Today, most every business has a blog where they update their customers about there business and write articles related to their industry. This blog is essential for building your online reputation and your business online and there are several aspects that you can work on in order to insure that your blog is one of the best.


The first rule to writing a good online blog is to provide interesting content. Make sure that what you're writing will attract your target audience and will be useful information that they will want to share with others. When writing articles, don't make them any longer than 500 words, since people who are looking for information, usually want the information to be as to the point as possible. Also, break up your article into different sections if it is any longer than 300 words. This will help your readers find the most important information first and make reading your articles and staying on your site seem easy.


Each of your articles should also be rich with keywords. These keyword improve your Google CV and help improve your search engine ranking in Google and other online search engines. When people are looking to find useful information, they will be sure to type in these keywords and if your article is rich with them, find your articles.


Linking is also an essential part of building a strong business blog. Usually, on most blogs, there is a place on the side bar where you can link to other relevant websites. See if you can do a link exchange with the blogs that you link to and invite them to link back. This will strengthen your blog's search engine ranking and provide new entry ways for people to find your blog.


Lastly, one of the best ways to improve your online reputation is to start commenting on related blogs and show that you're following industry trends and can provide thoughtful analysis. In most comments, you can easily post a link back to your blog, greatly improving your online reputation and helping you strengthen your Google CV.


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